Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Best Affiliate Program Postings List

After Google Adsense, affiliate programs is the most valuable money maker. Everyday, there's more hundred million dollars interacts in internet. In several years later, affiliate programs could be the most influence marketing programs in the world. Affiliate marketing is done on a Cost Per Action (CPA) program, meaning the customers have to take some kind of action. It's really simple than you have to sell your own products. Just put affiliate links on your blog and let the customers click that link and earn your fee when transactions closed. If you're really interested with this programs, hereis some postings or blogs that can you read more:

  1. Affiliatetips.com. AffiliateTips.com provides you with a complete guide on how to make money online with the best affiliate programs. It includes all top affiliate programs and rank the best ones.
  2. AMWSO. This site helps you get rolling down the road to affiliate marketing success. It includes 10 page training section.
  3. Affiliate Marketing Blog from Shawn Collins. If you need some great guidance for affiliate marketing, you can trust this guy.
  4. Hello Ashok. You can read this if you're newbie in affiliate marketing.
  5. Rosalind Gardner's Blog. I think she's a Queen of The Affiliate Program, really!
  6. JohnChow.com. Everybody knows who he is. He has a great e-book about Make Money Online and I recommend that e-book for newbie in affiliate marketing.
Enjoy it!

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